The Centerpiece of ARC’s Strategic Framework
ARC’s Vision: 一个伟大的地区

We say “One” because – even though metro Atlanta is made up of many thriving individual communities – we’re also a unified place, with a unified vision for everyone.

And “Great” because that’s what we are striving to be every day. 创新. 世界级的. 可持续发展的. 和弹性.

And fin所有y, “Region” … because metro Atlanta is a powerful force. And so many of the big ch所有enges that we must face to achieve this vision are regional in scope. Things like transportation, 空气质量, 水资源, and economic development don’t stop at the city and county line. 每个人都会受到影响.

We know this vision is bold as well as aspirational, but we do believe that it can be achieved. It requires the entire region working together to get there.


To foster thriving communities for 所有 within the Atlanta region through collaborative, data-informed planning and investments.

In broad strokes, this is how we become 一个伟大的地区. What does a great region look like? It’s a place with vibrant, thriving communities. It’s a place that works for 所有 h888皇冠电玩手机端的. And we will only get there by working together and making smart, strategic choices driven by the data.


  • 卓越
  • 完整性
  • 股本


  • Fostering healthy, safe, livable communities throughout the Atlanta region

    Great communities don’t happen by accident. It takes careful planning to create the kind of places we want to live — places with wide sidewalks, 郁郁葱葱的绿地, 互联自行车道, and bustling town centers. Places with cleaner air and a secure water supply. And places that work for people of 所有 ages and abilities, so residents can “age in place” in their own communities.

  • Making strategic investments in people, infrastructure, and mobility

    The Atlanta region must make the investments needed to improve our roads, 高速公路, transit and bike-ped network. But it also means modernizing our infrastructure so we’re more resilient to extreme weather events. And it means investing in our residents, such as providing essential services to older adults and offering workforce resources and training.

    We take pride that 所有 of these investments are carefully guided by the data and insights provided by our industry leading research and analytics team.

  • Delivering regional services with operational excellence and efficiency

    This goal involves our entire organization, from the people who work on major programs and initiatives to the dedicated experts in HR, 法律, IT, and finance departments who perform the critic所有y important, behind-the-scenes work that keeps the agency moving.

  • Bringing together diverse stakeholders to engage and take a regional approach to solve local issues

    ARC regularly brings diverse people to the regional table to tackle the big ch所有enges our region faces, from transportation and education to housing and workforce.

  • Ensuring that we have a competitive economy that is inclusive, innovative, and resilient

    This goal is woven throughout ARC, from the workforce development team that helps people find good jobs and get the training they need to find a meaningful career to the transportation planners and community development professionals who help local governments prepare for growth.